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FAQ: Ordering, Pre-Orders, and Shipping

Q: How can I Order a Drobotron DL1200?

A: Currently we are accepting orders for the DL1200 drone and will be shipping on an as-ordered basis. Orders will be shipped on a first come first serve basis. To order, simply login to our Shop on and add the “Drobotron DL1200” item to your cart and pay in full. Your aircraft will be shipped in approximately 6 to 8 weeks from the time payment is received.


Q: What forms of payment do you accept for the Pre-Order deposit?

A: We accept most major forms of Credit Cards along with PayPal, Cash or Check


Q: Do you ship overseas?

A: Yes, we do ship overseas. Please note that the free shipping of the aircraft only applies to customers in the continental USA, so customers overseas will be responsible for covering any and all shipping costs.


Q: Do you ship to PO Boxes?

A: Due to the size of the aircraft and its contents, we do not ship to PO Boxes. Please make sure you provide a valid shipping address that is not a PO Box when ordering.


FAQ: DL1200 Drone + Lumenix 360 Display Screen

Q: Does the DL1200 Drone come Ready to Fly?

A: Yes, the DL1200 Drone comes Ready to Fly! The aircraft itself has been test flown at our facility to ensure it is up to our high standards of quality control and flight performance. To fly, simply remove the aircraft from the carry case and unfold it so it is flight ready. Next, remove the four Lumenix 360 panels from their own carry case and install onto the DL1200. Once the aircraft and screen are assembled, install the flight batteries and you are ready to fly!


Q: How difficult is it to fly the DL1200?

A: Flying the DL1200 is just like flying any other drone. Due to its size and power, it is HIGHLY recommended that you have some prior experience flying a drone before flying the DL1200. By utilizing DJI’s impressive A3 Flight Controller, the aircraft practically hovers by itself even in winds up to 20mph. With the A3 Flight Controller, pilots are able to take advantage of powerful features such as Course Lock, Home Lock, Point of Interest, Waypoints, and even more! Please see here for more information on the DJI A3’s advanced capabilities. 


Q: What kind of flight batteries does the DL1200 utilize? 

A: The Drobotron DL1200 utilizes TWO 6s 10,000mAh LiPo batteries (or similar) for flight. The aircraft can accept different battery sizes and more information will be coming soon in regards to optimum battery sizes.


Q: What is the maximum wind speed for the the Drobotron DL1200 Drone?

A: The DL1200 Done has been tested in wind speeds up to 20mph. Due to the nature of the large display screen cross sectional area, this aircraft is naturally affected by wind more than most drones. NOTE: IT IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED TO USE EXTREME CAUTION WHEN THE WIND WARNING APPEARS ON THE DJI GO APP. When pilots see the red wind warning on the DJI Go App, they should be extremely vigilant to ensure that the aircraft stays within sight. It should also be mentioned that high wind speeds will limit the flight time by about 1 minute or more.


Q: How do I add content to the Lumenix 360 Display Screen?

A: Content can be easily added to the Lumenix 360 Display Screen through the included PC program. At this time, the software is only available for PC. Simply add your content on the easy to use PC program, connect your PC to the Display Card, and upload the content to the screen. Once powered on, the Display Card will cycle through the content that is stored internally. Users can set the amount of time a particular piece of content is displayed, after which it will cycle to the next content that the user has added. Text, Photos, Animations, and even .mp4 Videos may be added. Once the entire program has been played, it will simply loop repetitively until the screen is powered off.


Q: How is the Lumenix 360 Screen Powered?

A: The Lumenix 360 screen is powered from the same 6s LiPo batteries as the main flight batteries (25V). Depending on the type of content displayed, the flight time may vary. If a user mostly takes advantages of black backgrounds and strategically placed text or logos, the screen will hardly pull any current. If a user uploads a movie or image that contains mostly bright colors, this can pull a considerable amount of amperage and cause a decrease in flight time by 1 minute or more.


Q: Can I travel with my Drobotron DL1200 Aircraft?

A: Yes, of course! The DL1200 and all of its contents are shipped from our factory in rugged travel cases that are ready for the road! They can even be checked into a commercial flight when shoots are outside of driving distance.


Q: What is the flight duration of the Drobotron DL1200 Aircraft?

A: The DL1200 is capable of flight times around 10 minutes. This however can be greatly influenced by factors such as wind, temperature, altitude, and content displayed on the Lumeniex 360 Display Screen.


Q: What kind of content is capable of being played on the Lumenix 360 Display Screen?

A: The Lumenix 360 Display Screen is capable of displaying text, photos, animations, and even .mp4 videos in full color. We highly recommend that your content has as much contrast as possible- i.e. We do not recommend displaying a white background with yellow writing, as that may be difficult to see. Also, a white background will drain the battery considerably faster than a black background, as a black background requires no LED illumination to be seen. These factors should be kept in mind when programming the Lumenix 360 Display Screen for use. 

FAQ: Operating Your Drobotron Aircraft Legally in the USA (FAA Part 107 Pilots)

PLEASE NOTE: This FAQ only applies to United States customers. If you are outside the USA, please consult your local laws, rules, and regulations with regards to operating a drone. USA Drone Operators: In addition to this FAQ, it is your personal responsibility to consult local laws, rules, and regulations as Drobotron LLC is not responsible for any losses or damages as a result of the information listed below.  

Q: Who can legally fly a Drobotron aircraft?

A: If you choose to fly your Drobotron Business Package and choose to fly your aircraft purely for recreation, the short answer is… anyone! Assuming you are flying a Drobotron aircraft purely for recreational purposes, anyone can simply fly a Drobotron aircraft. It is highly recommended that you become a member of the Academy of Model Aeronautics, as being a member has many advantages. More info can be found here. Also, you must register your aircraft with the FAA, noting that you will only be utilizing it for recreational purposes. More info can be found here

On the other hand, if you purchase a Drobotron Business Package and choose to fly your aircraft in return for compensation (monetary, commission, or any sort of tangible compensation), you MUST become a registered pilot with the FAA. The FAA requires that you become a registered pilot under the small UAS rule (14 CFR part 107) if you choose to fly your Drobotron aircraft for work/business purposes. To become a registered FAA 107 pilot, it is not so difficult. You must register, pass a written test, and pay a fee. More info can be found here.


Q: I am a registered FAA 107 pilot, what else do I need to fly a Drobotron?

A: If you are a registered FAA 107 pilot, you can legally go fly your Drobotron aircraft in return for compensation! You must register your Drobotron aircraft with the FAA and place that registration number on a conspicuous place on the aircraft itself. More info on aircraft registration here. Please keep in mind that there are still restrictions with regards to where and when you can fly your Drobotron aircraft. Please see the rules below. In addition to this, it is highly recommended that you/your business carries some sort of insurance policy when flying any drone as a business. Most drone insurance plans can be purchased beginning at around $750 to $1,000 per year.


Q: I am a registered FAA 107 pilot, where can I operate my Drobotron aircraft? 

A: If you are a FAA Part 107 pilot, here are the operating rules according to the FAA:

  • Class G airspace*
  • Must keep the aircraft in sight (visual line-of-sight)*
  • Must fly under 400 feet*
  • Must fly during the day*
  • Must fly at or below 100 mph*
  • Must yield right of way to manned aircraft*
  • Must NOT fly over people*
  • Must NOT fly from a moving vehicle*

* All of these rules are subject to waiver


Q: I wish to operate my Drobotron aircraft at night or within 500ft of persons/property. How do I do so legally?

A: According to the FAA, the rules as listed above are all subject to waiver. If you wish to operate your Drobotron aircraft legally at night, within 500ft of persons/property, or beyond visual line of sight, simply apply to have these rules waived. The process is quite easy and can all be done online. Simply apply here.


Q: Can you please supply me with more info regarding flying a Drobotron aircraft for work/business legally in the USA?

A: Yes, the FAA has an incredible FAQ that answers many questions regarding flying a sUAS under Part 107. Please see their FAQ here.




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