Drobotron DL1200 Aircraft




RETAIL PRICE: $19,499!

Estimated Lead Time: 4-6 Weeks from the time payment is received. Shipping is free in the USA but will be added to the final cost for any international orders.



  • The first production drone in the world with Patent Pending technology that offers the ability to customize content on an ultra bright, powerful, high resolution LED monitor
  • 1,000 nit large display screen that is extremely vibrant in total darkness while also being completely visible even in broad daylight
  • Aircraft folds and stores in a case for easy and safe transport
  • Screens can be easily detached from the aircraft and broken down into a separate carry case for easy and safe transport
  • Patent Pending technology seamlessly integrates the screen into the drone, creating a high performance, reliable, and easy to use aircraft
  • Legal to fly in the USA (in return for monetary compensation) assuming the pilot has a FAA Part 107 / 333 Exemption
  • Total redundancy for optimum safety
    • Redundant batteries
    • Capable of maintaining flight with the loss of one motor/propeller
    • Redundant GPS modules
    • Triple IMU redundancy
    • Return to home capabilities
  • Utilizes DJI’s state of the art avionic equipment & proven components for the ultimate in safety, reliability, and maximum performance




Drobotron DL1200 Drone including DJI A3 Flight Controller

Lumenix 360 Circular Display Screen

DJI LightBridge 2 Controller + Charger

3 Sets of Evo Power 6s 10,000mah LiPo Batteries (6 Batteries in Total)

Transport Case for DL1200 Drone

Transport Case for Lumenix Display 360 Screen + Controller




Total flyable weight: ~30lbs / ~13.5kg (Varies depending on battery size used)

Aircraft diameter: 47.24in / 1200mm

Screen Diameter: 38.58in / 980mm

Screen Height: 10in / 255mm

Propeller Length: 17in / 431.8mm x 8 Motors

Aircraft Flight Time: ~10 minutes depending on flying conditions, battery size, total payload

Working Environment Temperature: ~ -10C to ~ 40C (~15F to ~105F)

Wind Environments: Capable of flying in 15-20mph wind conditions

Screen Content: LED screen is capable of displaying text, images, and even videos in full color

Software: All necessary software to program the LED screen and update the drone is included. A tablet or mobile phone is required to operate the drone (Andriod and iOS devices) and a PC computer is needed to update the screen’s content.



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