The Lumenix 360 Display

Take Your Brand To The Skies

The Lumenix 360 Display system is designed to easily show content with detail, clarity, and vividness- all in full color. Users will appreciate the 256 Full Color high contrast LED screen and its ability to easily display a logo, image, text, or even video.  The Lumenix 360 Display screen allows viewers from any angle to see content so you can guarantee your audience sees your message.


The Lumenix 360 Display system easily breaks down into a carry case for easy and safe transportation from one location to the next. It can be quickly assembled/disassembled into four various sections without the use of a single tool.

Add Your Content

Easily add your text, photos or videos to customize what your screen will display with the included PC software.

Connect Your Screen

Simply connect the Lumenix 360 Display Card to your PC using the provided Ethernet Cable.

Upload Your Content

Press the “SEND” Button and easily upload your content to the Display Card.

Lumenix 360 Display Screen Specs


User defined content through included PC program


1000 Nit. Viewable in daylight & total darkness

Screen Size

980mm (38.6”) in Diameter by 255mm (10”) Tall

Display Range

360 Degree view. Best viewed from 15ft to 750ft away


Utilizes Onboard Power From Aircraft


256 Full Color

"The powerful 1,000 Nit Lumenix 360 Display Screen is extremely vibrant in total darkness while also being completely visible even in broad daylight. This allows Drobotron to be flown at any time of day for any occasion."