This is the Drobotron DL1200
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The Drobotron DL1200 drone was designed to be reliable, efficient, powerful, and easy to use. Drone operators will appreciate its simplicity in design, ability to easily break down for travel, and smooth flight characteristics.  The DL1200 weighs in under 30 lbs, offers a 40″ x 10” full color Lumenix 360 Display Sign, and can be flown for over 10 minutes on a single charge.

With all of these capabilities, what will you do with Drobotron?


Drobotron DL1200 Features

Large Display Screen

1,000 nit large display screen that is extremely visible in total darkness & even visible in broad daylight

100% legal

100% legal to fly in the USA assuming the pilot has a FAA Part 107 / 333 Exemption

Detatchable Screens

Screens can be detached from the aircraft and broken down into a carry case for easy transport

Reliable And Safe

Utilizes DJI’s state of the art avionic equipment & proven components for the ultimate in safety, reliability, and maximum performance

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An Aircraft Like No Other

The DL1200 is the first production drone in the world to offer the ability to customize content on an ultra bright, powerful, high resolution LED monitor. Our Patent Pending technology seamlessly integrates the screen and drone together, creating a high performance, reliable, and easy to use aircraft. The DL1200 easily folds and stores in the included carry case for easy and safe transport.

Total Redundancy for optimum safety effectiveness

Return To Home Capabilities

Triple IMU Redundancy

Redundant GPS Modules

Maintain Flight With The Loss Of One Motor / Propeller

Redundant Batteries

Battery Note

When an aircraft has depleted its batteries, a pilot can easily land the aircraft, change the batteries, and be back in the air in less than 1 minute.

Drobotron DL1200 Aircraft Specs

Screen Content

LED screen is capable of displaying text, images, and even videos in full color

Wind Environments

Capable of flying in 15-20mph wind conditions

Working Environment Temperature

~ -10C to ~ 40C (~15F to ~105F)

Aircraft Flight Time

~10 minutes depending on flying conditions, battery size, total payload

Screen Diameter

38.58 in / 980mm

Aircraft diameter

47.24 in / 1200mm

Total flyable weight

~30 lbs / ~13.5kg

Screen Height

10 in /255mm

Propeller Length

17 in / 431.8 mm  X 8 Motors

Flight Capabilities

Autonomous, Semi-Autonomous, Pilot Controlled

"Just imagine the many uses of Drobotron…. Promoting businesses, concerts, trade shows, music videos, weddings, open houses, theme park attractions, sporting events ...the list is endless…. The question is: How will you use Drobotron?"