"We have been living and breathing RC aircraft for over 15 years.
Our passion is making things fly and doing it safely.
We look forward to providing your business with high
quality products that allow you to promote your
business, event, team, or brand."

Our Story

Drobotron, a USDrobotics, Inc company, appointed Bobby Watts to CEO of Drobotron, bringing over 15 years of radio controlled aircraft experience in both piloting and design/manufacturing to the team.  Bobby’s experience, ideas and abilities will leap Drobotron forward into a new industry, Flying Digital Media.  

Bobby always noticed that whenever he would fly an RC Helicopter or Drone, every single person within viewing distance would stop what they were doing and stare at the flying aircraft. No matter where he went, what he was doing with that aircraft, or how far away the spectators were, every single eyeball within viewing distance was glued to the flying machine. Currently, 99% of drones provide the utility of a flying camera. This means that everyone has to look at a monitor, smartphone, or television to see the footage that the flying camera is capturing. Well… why not take advantage of the fact that everyone is already looking up? Why not put that monitor on the drone itself?  

At USDrobotics, the simplicity and natural multitasking capabilities of our hardware allow us to leapfrog ahead of traditional software solutions. Our high efficiency power systems will finally enable industrial class autonomous systems, while our application programmability in the platforms will enable a new class of Application Specific Autonomous Vehicles or ASAVs. These are the features of the vehicles of the future. What’s your future made of?

Meet the Drobotron Team

Bobby Watts

Founder / CEO / Lead Design Engineer

Bobby has been involved with the Radio Controlled industry for over 15 years. Since the time of graduating from the University of South Carolina with his Mechanical Engineering degree in 2010, Bobby has created many products for the RC market which range from technical lighting systems, to aerobatic drones along with many products in between. Utilizing his engineering background, he has been the lead designer of various flying aircraft from RC helicopters to military drones. Bobby has also worked in the movie industry part-time flying and designing large industrial drones for commercials and movie productions for the last 10 years.

Carly Strickland


Growing up with a father who owned an imported car care center, Carly has always been fascinated with the inter-working of machinery. Carly holds two Bachelor of Science degrees from both West Chester University and Keiser University. With a strong background in social media, she is able to create daily content that helps promote client’s businesses around the world. Carly’s ability to set and complete goals makes her a valuable member of the Drobotron team.

Brad Ritti

CEO USDrobotics Inc.

CEO of our parent company USDrobotics, Inc.  Former Entertainment Executive Brad Ritti is a focused and hardworking professional who strives to increase communication and productivity through leadership and forward thinking. Brad’s past professional experiences have proven he’s not only an asset to the team but his involvement increases productivity and effectiveness while always achieving greater financial returns. His eagerness to “push the technical element” proves he can stay ahead of current technologies and expectations. Brad possesses an appetite to grow while effectively leading his teams and ensuring client happiness.

Chris Demko

COO USDrobotics Inc.

Chris Demko, COO of our parent company USDrobotics, Inc was born to be an entrepreneur, holding many jobs starting as early as 8 years old. By the time college rolled around he started what came to be one of the largest golf vacation companies in Florida securing contracts with companies such as Disney and Marriott. He grew this company from a startup to grossing over $4,000,000 in annual revenue by his 3rd year in operation. He was the founding member and CFO of a medical technology venture that developed the first “radiology accountability solution” which helped insurance companies save money by eliminating unnecessary radiology procedures. This led to a multi million dollar exit. He still has numerous real estate, management, and technology holdings in his portfolio.

Drobotron LLC is a subsidiary company of USDrobotics Inc.
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