Bringing Digital Content To The Skies
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We are Drobotron – creators of the Flying Billboard Drone. We have created Drobotron to help customers promote their businesses in a completely new way like never before. Drobotron was designed to bring the world of digital content to the skies. 


Utilizing our patent pending technology, we have seamlessly integrated a beautiful high resolution custom LED screen into a state of the art flying platform, allowing users to take their digital content to the skies.


From programming your custom content on the screen to assembling your aircraft at the job site, the Drobotron DL1200 is a simple and reliable aircraft to set up, fly, and maintain.


Our drones have been designed with safety and reliable operation as our primary focus. Every drone goes through a barrage of testing before it leaves our facility.

Pilots! Interested In Expanding Your Fleet?

Adding a Drobotron aircraft to your fleet is the perfect way to help your Drone business stand out from the rest.

Increase Your Aerial Photography Business

Pilots!! Are you FAA 107 or 333 certified? Are you looking for a way to make your aerial photography business stand out? Drobotron can help!


Imagine What the Drobotron Can Do For You

Imagine your current group of customers who you currently work with on a routine basis. Perhaps they are business owners, sports team organizations, event owners, real estate moguls, music video producers… the list goes on and on. Imagine what the Drobotron can do for your clients!

The Perfect Tool

The Drobotron DL1200 is the perfect tool for displaying digital content in the skies. By utilizing our easy to use PC program, simply add your custom digital content to the Lumenix 360 display screen, and you are ready to take your client’s custom content to the skies!

Interested in Adding a Drobotron Aircraft To Your Fleet?
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